This is a very effective all round vermin control tool. With a large capacity magazine, it is particularly useful against crows, especially when they are young and 'less clever' than the adults! It is also useful against rabbits and pigeons and it has the advantage of a relatively short range, thereby making it a safe option for shooting in areas where there are buildings as there is little chance of ricochet when using a shotgun. It can be used for short range fox control, again in areas where there is a danger if ricochet from a rifle bullet. It is however, noisy!

This air rifle is a very versatile tool. It can be de-tuned to a power level suitable for use inside buildings where there may be roosting feral pigeons for example (when used with a low power lamp, this is the most effective and safe method of feral pigeon eradication). It can also be used for rats and  rabbits in or around farm buildings for the same reason, and against nesting crows and other unwanted birds. It's pellets are light, thereby making them safe for use when firing into the air as they are unlikely to cause injury or damage when falling back to the ground. It has a higher power option and is easily 'switched' in the field, thereby making it a useful tool for rabbit hunting in fields. It is relatively low powered in comparison to the .22 rimfire and other rifles and is a much safer option for use near to built up areas. It is silent and very discreet and has a 12 shot magazine. This is possibly the most useful tool in my collection!

The .410 shotgun is useful for areas where there are likely to be rats in an outdoor environment (fish farms for example). It is useful up to 30 yards and can be effective against moving targets. It is relatively quiet in comparison to the 12 bore shotgun and as it fires a smaller load; safer.

Uses: Large Scale Rabbit extermination, this rifle has the capacity to shoot 50 Rimfire .22 bullets in quick succession. It is especially useful when used from a vehicle with a lamp at night. It is cheap to use, totally silent, accurate and very effective. It has been used to clear fields of over 400 rabbits in one night!

This rifle is very powerful and is legal for all UK deer species. It is light and easy to carry all day or as a second gun over the shoulder, in case the opportunity for fox control presents itself when shooting with another rifle. It is however, very loud and requires a very safe backstop. It is not suitable for use near towns or built up areas.

The .223 is a very accurate rifle and often used for target shooting. This makes it ideal for shooting rabbits, crows (on the ground) and other vermin, where vehicle access may be awkward or impossible. It is also a very effective Roe deer and fox hunting rifle due to its relatively high power and accuracy. It is quiet, due to the sound moderator and suitable for use in areas where there is a safe backstop. It is particularly useful for night shooting and longer ranges in daylight, i.e.; 200 - 400 Metres.

I also have a .22  calibre rifle (Hornet) equipped with a military spec night vision sight (not pictured). This is extremely effective against foxes where they are unlikely to come into a lit up area. It is quiet, powerful and accurate and the shooter is completely invisible in the dark. Almost unfair really!

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