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Notes for Shooting enthusiasts:


This site has been set up to help give shooting enthusiasts the opportunity to gain access to land for the practice of their sport. I will NEVER charge shooters for the use of this site.

Shooting is a sport under intense scrutiny. By using this site you must agree to act within the terms of the BASC code of good shooting practice.

Landowners will be encouraged to leave comments on your conduct and (hopefully) successes. Anyone found to be in breach of safe shooting practice or using inhumane methods will be removed from the site.

Please feel free to download my shooting business card and exchange my details for your own. Whether you choose to use the format provided or not is up to your individual preference. Use of the logo is subject to the conditions outlined on this page.

Please submit your details to the address listed below. I will publish contacts according to areas so please indicate these first. Ideally, send your details in a format that I can just cut and paste onto a web page. This site could become quite busy and the easier you make it for me, the better! Ideally, send me them EXACTLY as you want it to appear online.

I will need at least your first and last names, and a contact number along with your area and what you will be willing to undertake. Mobile numbers are preferable to home numbers for your security.

It will help all of us using this site if users take responsibility for linking it to Agricultural and Equestrian sites. Please ask webmasters without a link to this site to add us. Good links means good shooting!

Happy hunting!

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