Free Vermin control throughout the UK! exists to promote shooting as an efficient and humane method for the control of vermin.

We support the mission statement by providing an internet forum that:

Landowners - look here:

This site offers a free service to landowners experiencing vermin problems. We have a contact database of sporting shooters in each area who are prepared to offer their services as amateur pest controllers free of charge. Click one of the links on the map below to find help in your area. You will be redirected to an up-to-date directory of local shooters listed within 'shootforum' (our partner) site.

If you cannot find a shooter in your area, please contact The verminshooting site has been running for 4 years and there are over 400 shooters listed; they just haven't had the chance to get their details updated yet! All contact details from our new site are up to date.
If you contact me directly, I will find you a responsible and free pest controller within a week.
As the site grows; the number of free pest controllers will increase. Please keep an eye on us!

The person shooting will be responsible for their own actions. Robbie Duncan and Kevin Adam accept no Liability for the actions of other shooters contacted through this site.

Landowners should use the services of this site only after reading the ' Notes for Landowners'.
Shooters are countryside enthusiasts, mostly with other jobs and shooting is their hobby. We are offering free pest control, not eradication. The complete eradication of pest species is a task for professionals.

Shooting Enthusiasts, please look here:

The Forum

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Please take the time to visit our online discussion forum. Here you will find a group of shooting and outdoor enthusiasts, great deals on shooting and pest control equipment and more importantly; the opportunity to advertise your services as a pest controller in your local area - all free of charge!


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